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Thank you so much for offering to write one of these awesome things. <3

To give you a broad picture of what I like in fic:

I like slash, gen, het and OT3s and polyfic.

I like fluffy and happy endings, but also love fics with bittersweet and open ended ones too.

Random other things I like: Political intrigue, banter, snark, competence, people finishing each others sentences and knowing each other's looks, backstory and pining.

Things I don't like so much: non-con, lifestyle BDSM, humiliation, embarrassment or otherwise intelligent characters acting stupid for no reason at all.

I am absolutely fine with AUs. Canon divergent or something else. Modern? Fairytale? Space? Sports? College? All good.

If you want more clues about what I like, you can check out my Tumblr.

Critical Role
Percy de Rolo, Vex'ahlia, Zahra Hydris

These are my two faves and my favourite NPC (well guest star/NPC) and I love it when they interact and would love to see more of it.

If you want to go an OT3 route with this I would certainly not object, but I'm also cool with it being Percy/Vex with Zahra in the fic, or Zahra/Vex with Percy. Or they could just all be hanging out in Whitestone, or on the mission with Rimefang. I'd prefer it not be set around the events of Episode 44 if that's cool.

Critical Role is my new fandom love and I adore it so. 90% of the time I watch it within 24 hours of it happening, so don't worry too much about spoilers. I'll be up to date.

I adore Percy and Vex (and Percy/Vex) but I'm always a little sad there isn't more Zahra in fic, so I thought why not combine these things? But if you'd rather take it in a more Vex/Zahra or gen direction that's cool too. They could have some interesting conversations/adventures.

AUs are totally cool - whether canon divergent or period or modern of whatever.

Seven Kingdoms Trilogy - Kristin Cashore
Bitterblue, Giddon

I love how these two supported each other in various ways through some tough events in Bitterblue and how their relationship developed. I'm interested in what happens next when Giddon comes back to the city. Or further into their future? Or maybe what Giddon was thinking through the books?

Any more detail from what we get in the books would be great. Please feel free to include other characters, including ones from the Dells side if that takes your fancy. Bitterblue City politics seems really interesting, so feel free to do something with that. Maybe Giddon helps Bitterblue out with a further political problem? Either big or small.

Friendship fic is cool, but if you want to write them getting together (finally) then that would be lovely. I'd also be curious to know how other characters react? How long does it take Katsa to come around to the idea?

Tomb Raider (Video Game)
Lara Croft, Samantha Nishimura

When I was playing the game I really liked the relationship between Lara and Sam and would have loved to have seen more of it outside of Lara rescuing her. Obviously they're good friends. I'd love to know how they met, or earlier adventures before they found themselves on the ship. Or it could be something set after the game and Sam is safe. How do they relax?

I didn't make it totally clear in my sign-up form I realise, but I am totally pro slash for these two if that's where you'd like to take it, but don't feel you need to. They had a really lovely friendship and I'd like to know more about that.

Note: I haven't finished playing Rise of the Tomb Raider, so if you could avoid any Lara spoilers from that it would be cool.

Elenium/Tamuli series - David Eddings
Tynian, Ulath

I loved Tynian when I read that books as a kid and it wasn't until I started reading slash I realised that I'd bascially 'shipped him and Ulath the entire time. Just, whatever works for you. Maybe while they were trekking in the Tamuli books, maybe futurefic after they're retired. Maybe they retire together somewhere quiet. Maybe something makes it not so quiet. Would also be interested in any outside POVs on their relationship. Have their companions known all along?

If you're in more of a gen place with these two, then I do also enjoy them hanging out and just making fun of each other/everyone else. They do tend to be the the quiet commentators on the others and I enjoy that. They have similar dry/sarcastic sense of humours and I'm always a sucker for that character-type. They certainly had a lot of time to talk in the Tamuli books. I'm also interested in anything post-books. How often do they still get to see each other?

Hopefully these further details are helpful.

Thank you again! <33

- aworldinside


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