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Thank you so much for offering to write one of these awesome pairings. <3

To give you a broad picture of what I like in fic: I like fluffy and happy endings, but also love fics with bittersweet and open ended ones too.

Random other things I like: Banter, snark, competence, people finishing each others sentences and knowing each other's looks, backstory and pining.

Things I don't like so much: non-con, heavy BDSM, humiliation, embarrassment or otherwise intelligent characters acting stupid for no reason at all.

If you want to make these fics full of hockey details, I'm cool with it, or if you want to set it more away from the rink that's cool too. I am absolutely fine with AUs. Canon divergent or something else.

If you want more clues about what I like, you can check out my Tumblr - there is uh a fair bit of hockey stuff there.

As for more specific details:

Justin Williams/Willie Mitchell

I just adore them both a lot, and they had their little bench rituals and were a couple of the older guys on the team. Maybe something about them being veterans, or being on the road and having a quiet dinner just the two of them. Or the beginnings of their bench/warm-ups lounging. Could also be post-Justin's trade, and Washington and Florida play and they meet up to talk about old times. Porn or not porn, I don't mind.

There should be more of these two in hockey fic, and they're both talkative and super charming and it'd just be great them interacting - talking about old times, or new times with new teams.

Tyler Toffoli/Tanner Pearson/Martin Jones

Maybe something set when they all lived together (or Martin and Tanner lived together and Tyler had his nap room and visited all the time). Could be a full on OT3 domesticity or something where there is an established relationship between two of them (don't mind who) and the other one feels left out. Porn or not-porn, I don't mind.

I feel I can just link to the house tour (which Tyler Toffoli just *happens* to be along for) that they did for Fox Sports West and leave it at that. They're all very cute together and seem to have a great bro-y/banter-y vibe. Just more of that. As I said above, there can be an established relationship between two of them (any two you like tbh) and ones joins in, or more of a total OT3 feel. Up to you.

Jeff Carter/Jonathan Quick

Not a pairing that's really occurred to me but since I saw the tag I'm intrigued now.

Both of them are pretty quiet, avoid the media if they have a choice and don't like to talk a lot unless they have to. I'd be intrigued with what can be done with this. Also Jeff does have a habit of defending Quickie and you always have to look after your goalies. Jonathan Quick apparently can sleep anywhere. Jonathan Quick sleeping on Carts shoulder on the plane?

I don't know, I just like the idea of this. Carts and Quickie are two of my favourite Kings and they have some great hug photos. like these ones.

And I love this quote and this little moment from the playoffs in 2014.

Obviously these are all Kings prompts and I am a Kings fan. I am happy for any random Kings to turn up but uh, please no Drew Doughty.

Thank you so much. <333

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