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Thank you so much for offering to write one of these awesome things. <3

To give you a broad picture of what I like in fic:

I like slash, gen, het and threesomes.

I like fluffy and happy endings, but also love fics with bittersweet and open ended ones too.

Random other things I like: Political intrigue, banter, snark, competence, people finishing each others sentences and knowing each other's looks, backstory and pining.

Things I don't like so much: non-con, incest, heavy BDSM, humiliation, embarrassment or otherwise intelligent characters acting stupid for no reason at all.

I am absolutely fine with AUs. Canon divergent or something else.

If you want more clues about what I like, you can check out my Tumblr.

As for more specific details:

Seven Kingdoms Trilogy - Kristin Cashore

I read these books this year on the recommendation of friends and really adored them. One thing I found especially intriguing was the relationship between Giddon and Bitterbulue in Bitterblue. How they supported each other in various ways through some tough events and how they really did seem to understand each other despite the age gap.

I don't mind if it's a POV from in the books (maybe what Giddon is thinking), or futurefic. What actually gets them together? How do Po and Katsa react? Do they end up getting married, or not?

Any more detail from what we get in the books would be great. Please feel free to include other characters, including ones from the Dells side if that takes your fancy.

Something domestic based around their engagement/wedding OR kids is fine, but if you could avoid doing both, that would be great.

Tigana - Guy Gavriel Kay

One of the things I love most in this book are Alessan's character and his relationship with Baerd. I am especially interested in their backstory and how their relationship grew to where we see it in the books. They've been with each other for years. What has happened in that time?

Very happy for it be slashy, or just a look at their friendship.

If you want to include Alienor and Marius and their history with them in a shippy context or not (Aleinor and Alessan definitely had history), then please feel free.

Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries

Oh this show. <333

I asked for this last year and wanted Jack/Phryne fic, but this year I would love something that takes a look at Mac's character. I think she was underused in S3 and would love to know more about her. How did Phryne and her meet? What was medical school like for her? What sort of relationships has she had? Is she seeing anyone now? Anything would be interesting. She must have gone through a lot being in both in a male-dominated world, and living in a time that looked down on (to say the least) her sexual orientation.

Can of course include Phryne or anyone else.


*sniff* So sad this show has gone. I loved it a lot.

One of favourite characters in the show was Loretta. She was great in S2, and I'm so glad they found a way to bring her back in S6 by being a miniature criminal mastermind with all sorts of plans. I would love to hear more about her exploits, either during the last season or post the show finishing. Do her plans play out? If not, why not? Doesn't necessarily have to be something plot-y, could be more a character piece.

I really enjoy her interactions with Raylan, so feel free to include him (maybe their paths cross again?) but if you do that, I'd really rather their relationship be platonic.

Thank you again!




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