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(copy and pasted a bit from last year because some things just stay the same, see: my love of pining)


Thank you so much for offering to write one of these awesome things. <3

I like slash, gen, het and threesomes, but I'd prefer if you avoid non-con and incest.

I like fluffy and happy endings, but also love fics with bittersweet and open ended ones too.

Random other things I like: Political intrigue, banter, snark, competence, long conversations conveyed by knowing looks, backstory and pining. Dude, all the pining.

Also, I am absolutely fine with AUs. Canon divergent or something else.

If you want more clues about what I like, you can check out my Tumblr but uh it is a lot of hockey right now. ;)

I recently re-read this and remembered how much I liked Alessan's character and his relationship with Baerd. I am especially interested in their backstory and how their relationship grew to where we see it in the books.

Very happy for it be slashy, or just a look at their friendship.

If you want to include Alienor and Marius and their history with them in a shippy context or not (Aleinor and Alessan definitely had history), then please feel free.

Oh this show. <333

Jack and Phryne are great and I love their interactions on cases and how well their skills compliment each other. A case fic would be cool, or I realise that is not everyone's idea of a fun time to write, so a quiet moment after a case, or them making excuses to see each other because there haven't been any murders in a while would be great as well.

I'm very happy for it be shippy, but if you would rather go something more gen or subtle and flirty then that's cool too.

I rewatched this movie this year and I love Ripley and Hicks friendship and how quickly they trust each other in the course of the movie.

AUs where Hicks and Newt survive post-the start of Aliens3 are very welcome but I'm cool with something set in the movie as well. :)

I was really intrigued by the character of Rita and what she had been through to get to the point that we see her in the movie. Where did she come from? And what did she experience to be the badass we see in the movie?

If you want to include Cage, then that's cool, but I'd prefer it wasn't outright 'shippy and it would be great if Rita was the focus of the story.

Thank you again!


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