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Sorry this was a little delayed.

Thank you so much for offering to write one of these awesome things. <3

I like slash, gen, het and threesomes, but I'd prefer if you avoid non-con and incest.

I like fluffy and happy endings, but also love fics with bittersweet and open ended ones too.

Random other things I like: Political intrigue, banter, snark, competence, backstory and pining. Dude, all the pining.

Also, I am absolutely fine with AUs and crossovers. Love them in fact. If you see crossover potential with another fandom you know I'm familiar with, go for it.

I just really want to know more about Will and Diane partnership. I love them so much. How did it start? How did they first meet? Who convinced who to start a firm together? Were the first few months easy or difficult. Seriously anything starring these two would be awesome.

I'd prefer it stayed gen if at all possible. If you want to include more recent episode events, feel free.

I am a huge Kings fan, and I love the back and forth they had going with the Columbus Blue Jackets feed and the #lumbus hashtag that took over hockey Twitter for a while there.

Feel free to play around with the structure, or use tweet structure or whatever you like.

Related link: (don't feel you have to do anything with it, but you could if you wanted).

I always liked Darcy's and Fitzwilliam's relationship in the books and really liked the take that the web series had on Fitz. I'm interested in backstory - how they became friends, or just snippets from their friendship. Feel free to include Lizzy, Darcy/Lizzy or them talking about what's going on with Darcy and her if you like.

Can be slashy or gen, see where the mood takes you.

I loved Tynian when I read that books as a kid and it wasn't until I started reading slash I realised that I'd bascially 'shipped him and Ulath the entire time. Just, whatever works for you. Maybe while they were treking in the Tamuli books, maybe futurefic after they're retired (love futurefic). Feel free to use other characters.

Thank you again, you rock!




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