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Tonight's episode of Justified was so good.

I must admit I am caught between being relieved and shocked that they killed Arlo off. I've never really cared for the character but I did care about the effect he had on Raylan. Timothy Olyphant played those scenes well, and I liked how it sort of happened in the background - Raylan was told in the distane, and the reveal that he'd had the call an hour ago. This will have ongoing consequences I'm sure.

LOVED the scene with Raylan, Boyd and Ava in the bar and the admiring of the engagement ring and Raylan's, "I hope I got that right."

There are heavy hints Drew is Shelby but not sure if they're a little too obvious or not. Have been really enjoying Jim Beaver's role though.

Bit worried for Boyd tbh. This upping the ante might be a pushing it a bit too far, dude.

Hopefully we got lots of Tim next episode with and showdown with Colt. Excellent.

I love this show so much. <333

And late last week there was this:

I did write up something more complete but I lost the entry.

In summary:

  • not a fan. the more I think about it the less a fan I am

  • Harvey and Donna's scene however was flawless ("Is this about you?" "No. No." Lies, Donna).
  • Jessica was awesome

  • Harvey was even a little bit too much of an asshole for my liking and I am so happy he lost because fuck he needed to

  • the main legal plot was hard to follow and made no sense and while some of that is par for the course with Suits, this was worse than normal

  • Varys should stick around and maaaaybe Scottie. I am reserving judgement on that particular S3 storyline

  • Mike was less annoying that he has been but that Mike/Rachel scene was sort of skeevy and awful and mostly I was just thinking to myself that Rachel could do better

I will be back for S3 because of Harvey, Donna and Jessica and Korsh interviews about S3 which acknowledged potential mutual H/D feelings (!!!) but the finale was a letdown to a season that while uneven, also had the best episodes the show has ever done.

Now I will probably go fall asleep in front of the same House of Cards episode I've fallen asleep during twice before. It's not that the show is bad, it just requires a level of awake attention I don't really have in me.

Other than TV, I've been all hockey, hockey, hockey really. Have developed more Rangers and Ryan Callahan feelings in time for them to really suck, even though holy hell Ryan was insane today in the second period. He was blocking shots and taking hits without a stick because he'd broken it earlier in the shift! Other people would get a new one, but no not Ryan I-will-put-my-body-on-the-line-for-fucking-anything Callahan. <33 There needs to be more Ryan/Dan Girardi fic, fandom. Get on that.

And the Canes continue to be delightful even though I haven't made myself watch the highlights of today's game because it just sounds awful. I love how they've embraced Alex Semin into their crazy hockey family and how well him and EStaal have been working together.

As for my third team, the Kings. Things are improving and I still have far more feelings than I comfortable with about Jeff Carter. Far more. I mean due to Backhand Shelf (hockey podcast) I was composing a Carts/Richie vid to Kelly Clarkson songs the other day! Fuck my life.

I still love MvsW as a hockey podcast, I do but I must admit to a small tiny crush on Justin Bourne and his pigtail-pulling relationship with Jake is pretty delightful.
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