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Good things that happened today:

  • Achieved things at work

  • Canes won with Jeff Skinner goals and an Eric Staal hat-trick! <33

  • Jeff Carter got a goal (good for my hockey fantasy team, and well my Jeff Carter feelings have returned)

  • Andrew Ference was interviewed on MvsW (hockey podcast) and was pretty great

  • I watched the end of S5 of Fringe with [personal profile] labellementeuse. I might type up more comprehensive thoughts later but there were lots of feelings and on the whole I thought they did a good job. The show was a big part of my fandom life for a while and I will miss it on some level.

  • Parks and Rec had a pretty cute episode

  • This Suits episode happened.

    So, this episode was pretty awesome. Like, impressively so.

    Just to get it out of the way. HARVEY AND DONNA HAD AN AWESOME BANTER-Y SCENE WITH HENRIK FUCKING LUNDQVIST MENTIONS IMPLYING THAT HARVEY KNOWS HIM, WHICH ENDED WITH THE LINE 'NO ONE IS LEAVING YOU HARVEY' AND A DEEP LOOK. My emotions were not prepared to deal with that. I had to pause and freak out. And that followed on from their whole discussion about Harvey and Zoe and that was already awesome. He told her, and she was there for him, and he took a nod from her as gospel earlier in that scene with Mike and ... my emotions!

    ... the chunky monkey scene earlier was a little weird though. It didn't seem quite like Donna.

    Though oh hi Harvey - that's quite the little losing it moment you're experiencing here. "Nobody leaves me." And then the whole Louis scene. "BECAUSE I SET IT UP." Holy shit. Lots of opportunities for Gabriel Macht to be very effectively angry. I mean I am not objective, but the dude is fucking good.

    And aw Harvey was totally prepared to go beat up people for Mike, and wow he did find out about the affair and uh good call on the avoidance Mike, because yeah, Harvey dealt with that about as well as you'd expect him to. "You got off easy." And the delivery in that. God.

    I even had Harold feelings and really have never cared for the character, but they gave him a good exit.

    And Louis feelings. That scene with Mike was pretty great, and Rick Hoffman was so good.

    And god the Jessica scene at the end was so good too, and she was so right. So right. Harvey is not at all ready to lead a firm. <333 I fear for the future on that one though. Harvey just needs to chill for a bit.

    This actually might be favourite episode the show has done. If not, it is certainly up there.

    Shallowly: since it came back the show is 2/2 on Harvey appearing on the other side of opening doors in open necked shirts. Guh. Long may this trend continue.

See New York Rangers, if only you'd won as well it would have been perfect. ;)
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