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Tumblr gifs made me watch this.


It wasn't all bad - Scott Caan was pretty great all around, the stuff with Grace was cute and I did really like the hysterical stress laughter around the bomb and Catherine being smart and not putting up with Steve's shit - but it could have been so much better if they'd concentrated more on the flashback and less on the 'how they got there' plot which was just boring really. And a little stupid.

And holy shit they did not earn that 9/11 callback. It would have been fine without it, but no they had to tack it on the end and it just felt so slapped on. Ugh.

I've known for a while I was going to break up with this show; things I'd enjoyed before weren't cutting it and Steve was starting to annoy me when he used to be my favourite character, and this episode didn't dissuade me, because if this episode that had Steve with tears in his eyes about losing Danny and the previous one with them snuggling didn't bring out my Steve/Danny feelings, what will?

Saying that, I saw the promo for next week and I am intrigued by what the fuck they're doing. It'll likely be bad, but I'm still intrigued. Ah well, Tumblr's lack of spoiler policy will work in my favour.

A lot of my TV watching recently has been episodes of Deadwood (via DVDs leant to me by the lovely [personal profile] china_shop). It took me a while to get into it - I watched a few episodes before my UK trip - but I have to say I really love it now. Such great characters and narrative. Ian McShane is as good as everyone has said he is, and it's been amusing to see Tim Olyphant play a far less likable and charming Raylan Givens (sort of). I also love Brad Dourif as Doc Cochrane.

I'm finally seeing Skyfall on Monday as Coke are sponsoring an advance screening at my local movie theatre. \o/ I have successfully avoided all spoilers so far as somewhere along the way I became insistent I would see it spoiler free. I was always going to see it but reactions seem pretty positive, and I've been excited since I saw the trailer.

Relatedly Grantland did a countdown of Bond theme songs. The order isn't too bad. Totally agree with their top 3 and bottom few. O hai theme song from A Quantam of Solace.

And this is very belated but good job with that election thing, USA. :D


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