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Dear Yuletide author,


Thank you so much for offering to write one of these awesome things. <3

I like slash, gen, het and threesomes, but I'd prefer if you avoid non-con, rape and incest.

I like fluffy and happy endings, but also love fics with bittersweet and open ended ones too.

Random other things I like: Political intrigue, banter, snark, competence, backstory and pining. Dude, all the pining.

Also, I am absolutely fine with AUs and crossovers. Love them in fact. If you see crossover potential with another fandom you know I'm familiar with, go for it.

I fell pretty hard for this show when I mainlined seasons 1-3 in short succession. I adore Raylan's deadpan and found his working relationship (what we see of it) with Tim really interesting. I'd love to know more about Tim. It can be something slashy or more gen. I'm fine with either.

Feel free to include other characters. I adore Raylan and Loretta's sort of friendship in S2 but don't feel you have to include that at all.

I just really want to know more about Will and Diane partnership. I love them so much. How did it start? How did they first meet? Who convinced who to start a firm together? Were the first few months easy or difficult. Seriously anything starring these two would be awesome.

I'd prefer it stayed gen if at all possible.

Malcolm is my favourite. Anything Malcolm would be great. Backstory, or post S4. I find his mentorship (??) of Ollie quite interesting, was intrigued by his partnership with Jamie and also really like the small moment at the end of S3 when he stood up for his PA Sam. That brief flash of something else in Malcolm was definitely interesting.

This request sort of caught me by surprise as I was looking through the fandom list but the more I thought about it the more I wanted it. I just loved them when they were teamed in The Big Fat Quiz of the Year a few years ago and really liked them on 10 O'Clock Live and when they were both on Would I Lie to You. I like that whole Misanthropes Against the World/People Are Fucking Stupid vibe they have going between them.

Slash or gen is fine.

Thanks again! You rock.

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