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Had an awesome fangirl weekend at Get Together. Great to see Team Auckland and fangirls from Australia and other parts of NZ. I have now watched some clips of Teen Wolf but I can't see myself being assimilated quite yet, although Stiles is kinda adorable. I was quite interested in the pimp of the gay storyline on Smash but uh maybe not enough to watch the rest of the show which pretty much everyone tells me is bad bad bad. Other highlights were seeing some awesome vids that I'd missed and the fandom pub quiz which was a great success. I can also see me reading Tony/Steve fic again. <33

Many thanks to [ profile] arysteia and [personal profile] china_shop for organising. <33

While it was an awesome weekend, following a final brunch today I needed to veg so decided to catch up on a lot of TV.

On the whole I really like this show but part of me can't help yelling about the international politics and the fact that while I realise it's not the focus of the show - UM DUDES YOU NUKED PAKISTAN - WHAT'S UP WITH THAT? Anyway lala an AVClub comment likened this to a Tom Clancy novel, which it sort of is, and I've read my fair share of those so I will hand-wave. Still might yell a little but will hand-wave.

... and uh whose sovereign territory is that island and won't they be pissed?

Really like Andre Braugher and Scott Speedman is surprising me. Loved the reveal about Marcus's son and their scene near the end of the second episode.

Also quite intrigued by Seal Dude and Dichen Lachman's character.

It has lost a little something now that I'm watching it week to week as opposed to mainlining it but 3x04 was pretty great actually. The Dowager Countess was on fire - so many deadpan oneliners. Awesome.

I must admit as much as I adore Anna, her and Bates plotline does little for me, but I was happy they got their letters.

Edith. :( Love her getting political though. I love that plotline for her.

Branson was a dick for stranding Sibyl but I liked how sorry he was and the tearful reunion. Can't help but think he's going back to Ireland eventually though.

Mary does get those deadpan genes from her grandmother I have to say. Still like her and Matthew together but do wonder what they're going to throw in their way next.

Mrs Hughes is awesome too <3

I'm also all up to date with The Good Wife after watching 4x02 this afternoon.

Will and Diane <3333 - totally requesting friendship fic for Yuletide.

I had the most feeling I've ever had about Zach in 4x01. He impressed me and I'm actually intrigued where they're taking him this season.

A little uncomfortable with the Kalinda storyline but have the feeling that's what the writers are going for. Eep.

Cary, I'm sure they'll eventually find a plot-line for you. <3

I love this show.

I also really enjoyed the most recent Parks and Rec episode.

*phew* Lots of TV. Still have Fringe and Homeland to go.


In other news: I have a new job! I got offered the job I wanted and it's permanent. \o/ I start in a week's time and my contract arrived today. Excited! I can actually plan things and when things are a bit more settled a new MacBook is totally in my sights.
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