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A weird thing happened when I watched this, I actually started wanting Mackezie and Will to get together. For some reason this is the most I've cared about their relationship all season. Not quite sure why, but there you go.

I also wanted Maggie and Jim to get together but that was mostly so their "will they, won't they" storyline could just end already! But no, the narrative gods (in this case, dear Aaron) did not smile upon me because lo, Don decided to be an asshole. Like, that whole scene in his hallway. Maggie should have just freaking said something but Don was also just ... an asshole.

Jim, you're not exactly a "good guy" but at least you called her to check before getting back together with Lisa and lying to her .

Sloan was pretty great in this (the explanation of 'The Greater Fool' especially) but I wasn't a huge fan of the 'because you never asked me' line she had with Don. I don't even mind Sloan and Don together but that was before Don decided to be more of an asshole.

No comment about Neil, but hey Kaylee should totally come back on the show. Natalie Morales, I need to watch more things you are in.

I will also not comment on how convenient it was Mackenzie's phone was hacked or that she had the had the pieces of paper from the Northwestern panel with her at that time, but I did kinda like it went full circle from the pilot. I also ... didn't mind the end with the girl from Northwestern. I get why it looks like 'Will's way is the One True Way and she has seen the light' but like Mac's cards, I like that it came full circle.

I also liked the montage to The Who. I liked it a lot.

I did really think that with Lonnie hanging around Will was at least going to get shot at, but I was pretty happy he didn't actually. He was actually likeable in parts of this, and it ended on a not completely depressing note.

While I clearly find elements of this show quite frustrating, I think I will still be around for next season, because a) I'm curious to see where they go, and b) I do genuinely want it to be better.

And then I drank two large glasses of wine and wrote 1,200 words about Harvey meeting Donna's Little League playing niece in between spamming Twitter and Tumblr. Because apparently that's what I do now. Stupid show, I say with a fangirl's exasperated but crazy affection.

RL wise, my temp job stopped seven days early, which really isn't that great BUT I go to the UK in a week and a half. I keep waiting to remember something I've forgotten. I really just have to get money changed into pounds and euros ...

Let's not dwell on the fact I might not have a job when I get back and will therefore be second guessing all the money I spend while overseas. la la la la


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