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Yeah. Character wise it was pretty great, but I'm not entirely sold on the way they kicked Hardman out so quickly. Eh, this is not a new Suits phenomenon. Character: excellent. Plot: eh.

I knew the Harvey and Mike getting high scene was coming and it was pretty damn great. Harvey walks in, lights up, and knew where the weed was from. Fuck. Yes. Is it wrong I found that hot as hell? Anyway, I found that hot as hell.
Totally lost it at PJA's delivery of 'orange' even it was an awful idea he and Harvey were carrying out. They figured it all out high! And yes, saxophone player canon! I wondered if Harvey was going to mention his Dad's death but I guess that was a bit too much sharing.

I also love Harvey being totally competent about a complicated financial case - they just bore the hell out of him. <333 What Louis was doing to him there was just low. I get why he was, and I'm not saying that Harvey has treated him well in the past, but oh it pissed me off.

Harvey and Jessica, and the "we" and the "if you go, I go." All the hearts!!! I hope like fuck they don't eventually go down the road Hardman suggested. I really doubt Harvey would turn against her tbh. Them fighting is not cool. But they'll no doubt add tension back to that relationship somehow.

As for Harvey and Donna. "Trouble in paradise." "We're like this." "I'd never leave him for anyone." And Donna being so loyal to Harvey and Jessica. Love. And I guess Donna didn't make a mistake which sure okay I'm fine with, I adore her. But it's all a little convenient. He did defend her though. "Donna doesn't make mistakes." She still did, honey, but I'll take it.

As for Mike, there were some Mike feelings. I feel PJA sold the scenes at the start especially well. I have to say I didn't really feel the eulogy scene though.

But oh the end. Holy shit Mike you suck. I *guess* you could say that the kiss with Rachel didn't end happily ... but ugh. She was so good to you (although I admit, like Zoe did to Harvey, she had no right to judge the way you grieve) and I get you're messed up right now but ugh. Bad choice, dude. Bad choice. It wasn't much of a cliffhanger either tbh. I was expected I high-tension feelings filled end, but ... not so much. I'm okay with that.

I have no real feelings about Tess, but did she look at least a little like Donna?

EDIT: from here: Aaron Korsh: One of the controversial deletions (Laughs) was a scene with Donna, Jessica, and Harvey dancing to celebrate their victory. It was cut for a couple of reasons.

!!!! Damn it, Korsh! I need that in my life! But he does say it'll be on the DVDs.

Fangirl Friday last night was great. Politics, hockey, comics and lots of excellent travel advice. <3 you guys.

Not a lot planned this weekend except dinner with my friend tonight. Although I am going to need to leave the house to find breakfast at some point. My pantry is a little bare.

But first I can see me losing some time to Tumblr. Suits summer finale, Jeff Carter's day with the Cup ...

EDIT: I meant to include VVC recs! (so I can close some tabs)

It's All Coming Back to Me Now by [personal profile] trelkez. (Captain America comics, Steve/Bucky)

I am pretty new to Cap comics but I did love this. All the feelings. (And yes it is a vid to the Celine Dion song).

Lateralus by [ profile] rhoboat (Fringe)

The visuals in this and the way it's tied together is just stunning.

Girl in the War by [ profile] amnisias (Justified, Loretta)

Loretta vid! And to a great Josh Ritter song too.

How I Got Over by [personal profile] heresluck (The Wire, S4)

Just stunning S4 vid. The song choice is perfect and oh god, it brought back the season all over again. So well done.
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